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Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans

Created on the belief that at-home hair removal should be an easy, economical and suitable for everyone, we reinvented the Art of Waxing with these Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans!

Smooth, flawless, hair-free skin is coming to you!

  • REMOVES HAIR IN NO TIME: Removes hair from all areas of your body like armpit, bikini area, legs, eyebrows, beard etc.
  • LEAVES NO UNWANTED HAIR: Works from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, leaving your skin soft and glowing
  • HYGENIC AND ECONOMIC: Allows for a thin, economic and hygienic application
  • EASY TO USE: Just heat it up until it melts, apply on the area to be treated, let it dry and then pull off quickly
  • GOODBYE TO OTHER TOOLS: No more strips or pre-wax oil required
  • ALL TYPES OF SKIN: Developed for all types of skin (but please always test on a small area of your body first for any allergic reactions)
  • DIFFERENT AROMAS: Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Aloe Vera, Chocolate and Honey
How to use it:
  1. Heat wax beans in a wax heater of your choice (you can use a professional wax heater or just simply put the beans in a cup and place that cup in a bath of hot water) and heat to a working temperature
  2. Clean the skin to be treated and check the direction of hair growth
  3. Test the temperature of the wax (it should not burn you!)
  4. Using a spatula or spoon, spread a layer of wax onto the area to be treated along the direction of the hair growth
  5. Allow a short period to cool (approx. 20 seconds) and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth
  6. After hair removal, apply essential oil or lotion to your body to protect your skin

1 Package contains 100g

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