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Luxurious King Size Anti-Mosquito Net for Kids


GENEROUS SIZING: Our Luxurious King Size Mosquito mesh Net fits all beds from Single, Double to King. Our soft & light fabric netting has tiny holes [256 holes per square inch] which keeps mosquitoes and other insects out, yet allows a cool breeze in - for comfortable, natural protection and a peaceful night's sleep.

TWO OPENINGS: On each side of the bed so that access is easy and not much searching for the opening needed. The entrances generously overlap keeping insects out and has the added benefit of looking gorgeous when used as a Decorative Canopy over your or your toddler's bed. As a customer said "I Would give this 6 stars if I could for value and design."

THE ONLY NET WITH AN INTERNAL LOOP: inside the netting - to hang a lamp or fan, so you don't have to leave the net to turn out the light (and get eaten alive). This loop is also essential if you want to hang a baby's mobile inside the net. There's a free carabiner to use with this loop.

QUICK INSTALLATION: so simple, a toddler could do it. With the pre-installed hanging kit it only takes seconds to hang and adjust our net. A quick twist collapses the pop-open-hoop, making our king size net small and compact to fit easily in your overhead luggage.

VERSATILE - As well as a bed use it over a sun lounger, hammock and a sleeping bag while camping - for the best insect protection without DEET or other harsh chemical repellents.

100% GUARANTEE: if you have any problems with your Mosquito Net we have a 30 day money back refund policy. So you can buy with confidence and risk free.

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